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Frequently Asked Questions​

1. I am not a UCLA student. Can I still volunteer with RHA at UCLA?

From org standpoint yes, but UCLA it depends

2. When can I start going to clinic after I join RHA at UCLA and how frequently can I go?

Going to clinic: After finishing the orientation session, after being an active member for certain amount of time

Frequently: depends on members/commitment

limited by frequneyc of how often doing that, but no max to when they can go (people who speak Spanish may be prioritized, sometimes have to limit those that can't speak Spanish) ~ maybe 3 non-Spanish speaking at a time and with Spanish speaking have more space, can put into health education/helping with giving instructions/b

3. If I am a non-UCLA student, how can I help out?

Redirect to Refugee Health Alliance, fill out that volunteer form

but looking to network with more healthcare providers 

4. What can we expect at clinic?

5. What can we bring/not bring across the border?

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