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Get Involved

Marketing ​

Ensure we have online presence so that we can more easily connect with volunteers, donators, healthcare providers, and other contributors.

Fundraising and Donations

student oriented​ - getting people to donate

partner with RHA - fundraising donations (insulin, menstrual hygiene, art supplies for the kids, whatever they need

getting people to donate at student hosted activities and events 


networking with medical volunteers to ensure they have medical providers at clinic​

Grant Writing​

remote things - what they want to get involved with ​(not at clinic)

partner with RHA for funding facilities at clinic (water works project) [monetary]

Clinical Positions

scribe, pharmacy, vitals intake, patient history

provide in person manpower at the clinics, 

Internal Maintenance​

board positions, interns (people to carry on what we learn for next year)

Ensure UCLA students have required capabilities to communicate with the motherboard and continue its mission work at UCLA.

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